Smart Touch: the world at fingertips

15 September 2017
Anastasia Questiaux
Tangible Display join to Smart Touch to generate unique user experiences.

Brick and mortars currently suffer from a consumers’ exodus. Many reasons to this…
The first and certainly the best known is that e-commerce shows an exponential growth these last years. The second one, less intuitive but just as relevant, is that physical shops struggle to implement a complete digital transformation.
Finally, some customers and particularly the 50 years and older, are reluctant to these technologies adoption and like to think that the interaction with the object and the sales assistant stays a priority.

These observations are not kept only to the France. In order to appeal to consumers and satisfy their desires, stores currently have to engage a deep digital transformation and not being satisfied with well-known habitual technologies.

table connectée

That’s why Tangible Display joined to Smart Touch:

Offer a unique multitouch user experience and create a total interactivity with the product.
Smart Touch is one of the leaders across the Atlantic of the interactivity and digital innovations headed to brands and retailers. That is their huge showroom that our technology ObjectViz was installed. More than a simple digital device, it’s necessary to create a strong link between the consumer and the product.
Connected tables and devices provide a unique user experience and bring them a real satisfaction. The phygital multitouch interactivity offers a new dimension to phygital and numerical information: the customer is an actor, he grasps the product, discovers the brand and go inside a particular universe, imagined for him.
The interactive table is also a particularly interesting tool for salesmen that remain actors in this experience and can accompany the customer in its purchase.

This partnership?

« an ideal combination of the best innovation practices and tendencies in the multitouch applications around the world ».