See our new Showroom

25 April 2017
Anastasia Questiaux

Last December, Tangible Display get equipped with new locals… A modern Showroom which allows to easier receive you and present our products and solutions to your sales problematics.


Connected display stands for a highlighting of products. Integration of videos, pictures and contents, all is possible there

présentoir connecté


Interactive multitouch boards and the possibility to play with contents and connected objects…

table connectée


A presentation case and even more featured products 

Presentation case


Holograms for a magical finish and an extraordinary unveiling. Your customers will have sparkled eyes !


XXL screens for an astonishing overview. The data viewing and a dynamic display for a guaranteed digital experience !

écran XXL

We pushed this Showroom in a big way, to greet brands and retailers, and prove that Phygital is the way of tomorrow.