ObjectViz, the solution for object recognition on multitouch screen

3 May 2017
Anastasia Questiaux

Since the connected objects appearance, technology has well evolved… Exploiting the computer vision, using systems were cheap but had the inconvenience to be delicate, very cumbersome and shown a sensibility to light environment.

That’s to overcome this lack of robustness in object detection where the ObjectViz technology developed by Tangible Display comes in.

It’s now possible to detect an object on a multitouch screen through simple contact points. Moreover, our software for contents creation allows you to connect your own objects and choose which contents will be associated with.

This technology, compatible with capacitive markers and Infra-Red vision, is really more robust. It can adapt on every screen and enable an optimal using of display area. Already adopted by many brands, the amount of licenses sold around the world has considerably increased.

Recently, our new flat markers, with a purified style, are finer and more user-friendly.

ObjectViz follows its road toward the phygital… Make the digital tangible is our objective!

Around the world, many brands have yet adopted it… Find out the several projects:

Volkswagen presents its products (Volke), Cognac is promoted at Martell,  Lancôme freshen up (Pixelidot)


“The interactive experience of the product create complicity with the brand” Martell (Pernod-Ricard)