Luxury and Phygital, the perfect harmony

15 May 2017
Anastasia Questiaux

« 2017 will be the Year of the Phygital » that’s what Malik Rossanaly, digital director of Tangible Display, said few month ago.

And it seems to be confirmed… Phygital, or the contraction between “physical” and “digital”, became an unmissable work for luxury brands.

At the time when e-commerce is on the roll, brands have to challenge their imagination to sell their products in store. But how innovate to better sell? Better present the brand and its products seems to be the solution!

And it’s in this context that the points of sale digitalization makes sense. Put the customer in center by providing him a previously unseen customer experience. Immersive device, connected objects, virtual reality or data collection, all is good to improve the customer journey and knowledge that brands have about their products.

Recently, that’s the online media INfluencia which did the same assessment!

article INfluencia