London Heathrow: When phygital meets Whisky of exception

16 May 2017
Anastasia Questiaux

Tangible Display and Moët hennessy go together to give pride of place to Whisky.

In order to promote its products and highlight an exceptional savoir-faire, the single malt brand, Glenmorangie, settles in London in the Heathrow airport.

Time is quite long in airports… The aim here was to but the traveller in the heart of the project and make him live an unrivalled customer experience.

This project was initiated by the Global Travel Retail department of Moët Hennessy. Customers have always figured at the heart of their Travel Retail strategy. Since many years, they deploy innovative strategies in duty free stores. For this project, and in collaboration with the MH Lab 78 of Paris, created by the LVMH – Moët Hennessy group as an innovation vector establishing relations with start-ups, they called upon Tangible Display and its solution for products detection on multitouch screen: ObjectViz.


With amazing design, light effects and screen wall, the stand itself is an invitation for consumers. Enjoying beautiful presentation, it attracts customers and improves brand notoriety. Its imagery appeals to curiosity and makes it one of the most attractive store of the terminal.

Glenmorangie Stand London Heathrow

Arrived on the stand, the customer is put on at the heart of the digital experience. The multitouch table, developed by Tangible Display, allows a direct and instant commitment with products. When the customer put the bottle on the screen, the phygital adventure begins and many possibilities are open to him.

He can discover the different ranges of the brand: flagship products that have made the notoriety and prestige of Glenmorangie since 1843 and products of exception, recognized as the highlight of the company expertise.

We are appealed by the design, we touch, we discover then we taste… The sight, the touch, the smell, the taste, all senses are exploited! More than a product presentation, it must be provide a new and multisensory experience for customers. That’s the collaboration between brand improvement, table and connected objects interactivity just as tasting, that boosts sales. That still improves user experience and helps to superior ranges purchase.

« The explanations when the two comparisons come ; this is what give us the opportunity to upsale with the higher range » according to brand ambassadors present on the stand

The ObjectViz technology offers to customers a dynamic and attractive access to the product characteristics. By a multisensory experience, these phygital devices bind the product to the brand History, improve the customer experience and increase the conversion.

Phygital communication around the brand, its expertise and its products is a real added value for the brand image.


In partnership with:

Moët Hennessy – Travel Retail Europe : Project setting up with Glenmorangie.
MH Lab 78 of Paris, created by LVMH – Moët Hennessy group. Laboratory, expert in innovation for the commercial sector
Active Design Associates: Furniture