“From effervescence to innovation” by RVI

27 July 2017
Anastasia Questiaux

The International Wine Revue (RVI), is the leading magazine for wines and liquors companies. Their network gathers a huge number of distributors in France and around the world.

Their main objective is to highlight firms’ strategies just as their marketing, packaging, advertising or communication choices…, their new products and all innovations in these fields.

Recently, that’s the Lab 78 of Moët Hennessy that has caught their eyes.

Section “Tendance conso”, we can find a beautiful article on the impact on a such innovation lab created by a major group like Moët Hennessy.

“De l’ébullition à l’innovation” (in English; From effervescence to innovation”), the title is quite explicit. It details how the lab gathers last tendencies and technologies intended for the 22 companies in the wine and liquors sectors of the group.

Once more, Tangible Display is mentioned as a key partner in the innovation and the customer experience improvement.

“That’s the convergence between the brand, the table, the connected products interactivity and the range tasting that invites customers to purchase and, present the brand universe”. Vladimir Kauffman, editor and redactor at RVI.


RVI article tangible display

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